Thursday, 1 April 2010

It doesn't matter if your black or white

...but it does matter if your fonts are not hand-rendered, exclude Bauhaus 93 or include any form of colour.

Well, not entirely true but three is a magic number and the utterance does have a verbose and comical ring to it.

Our first real project was that of the typographical genre. Given 8 different fonts and precisely the same number of vocations (from weightlifter to bat) we had to display our name in the fonts to represent the aforementioned occupational persuits
(being a bat is hard, I wouldn't reccomend it: people get hurt; parents get dead; and George Clooney sabotages your reputation)

I give to you the two I was most happy to display (although I did do all 8, honest)

I did do them all, I ain't fibbing.

not the most impresive things, I know, but this is the first project of what is a gruelling journey in which I learn more about imagery than I thought possible to cram in 6 tiny little months. This journey rivals The Crusades or anything Indiana Jones has done, trust me*

*(you probably shouldn't trust me on that one)

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