Thursday, 28 October 2010

Button it!

...or I'll cram a sock in it

New project begins moments after the old one ends. We just don't get a break do we!?
My my... Well I have some books from the library to wade through for imagery and intel, and in the mean time I thought I'd piddle about with some pictures and type.

Oh, and the project is to make a 'catalogue' of a collection. Jenny was kind enough to lend me her button box.

Give her a hand!

...or maybe two

Well here's the finished piece, I hope they like it (you can like it too)
I'm enjoying sexy brown newsprint for printing on. We had a lecture all about the printing process and it just opened my eyes to the joy of the 'artifact' - paper type, inks, emboss... oh how we love to touch and feel (and smell in some cases - Gary!)

Well enjoy it you aesthetaholics

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Get a hair cut!

ya hippie!

It's time for the edinburgh fringe festival (apparently)
We've been told to make some pretend leaflets for long-gone events of a past edinburgh fringe festival (I can think of thousands of uses for this baby already)

Anyway these are the illustrations I've done for it (there are more but loading times suck) and I'm pretty pleased with these lovely lovers.

I like... I like DYNAMISM! (try saying that with a mouthful of doritos (or anything for that matter))

Spread eagle...

can he say that?

First project of the year and it's a good 'un (I think)

Here's a lovely spread giving an insight to the lovely work of Arthur Rackham. I will immediately apologize to a book for stealing its entire body copy on Mr. Rackham but apparently the body copy was not important as long as it was lengthy, meaty and tasted just like old bacon.

A Post of a Poster

that I posted

Inspired by my trip to the cinema to see the re-release of Metropolis, a 1930s sci-fi which has, for decades, been missing around 30 minutes of footage until last year and has now been digitally restored (woop woop!)

Anyway, this being pretty much the birth of sci-fi and my commission being a Night Of Debuts I got the idea of Frankenstein's monster nad such like and eventually moved onto this

so fazzam

how bout dat mate?