Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Take a look at my girlfriend...

...she's the only one I got

Just decided to send you a link to my beautiful young lady-friend by way of my ridiculous ways of wasting time.

I kindly defaced her project work but feel free to check out the originals here

or here
(it's the same link but I'm just using strong suggestive power seeing as my midichlorian count is fairly weak)

ba-na-na-na, ba-na-na-na

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Oh me, oh my...

...What a really swell guy

I've just made stains on my pants from my discovery of Mr. Mcbess, my new favourite illustrator of the moment and, perhaps, of all time!

Frolic among these images

you can take a peek over at his site if you can bare leaving me...


I'll be waiting for you

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Every dog has his day....

...female dogs are burnt in a fiery abyss

A project of ridiculous magnitude followed the Christmas Holidays. (That's right, we're only up to Christmas in this insane chronicling of past events!)
There were eight dogs to portray in the wonderful format of illustration. Provided with a mere sentence or two of description we had to develop ideas for depictions of dogs with extraordinary traits - from transforming robot dogs to baby-safe playschool dogs.

A simple illustration of a dog as I learnt to draw doggies before embarking on further tasks. (don't run before you can walk right?)

I enjoyed the project thoroughly although I missed a trick when I was told my final piece should have been one of my sketchbook trials

Et voila! the finals!

Friday, 7 May 2010

You know what they say about a man with a big blog...

...big head

I've realised so far that this blog has consisted entirely of my own work and not my influences.
Let us get to know the man within, perhaps?

Yes yes

Well here is a splendid illustrator who did some particularly inspired animation for Channel4. I find the music pleasing to my ears and the animation compliments the video. Muchos groovy I must say!

[Edit] I have just discovered the music is by a frenchman by the pseudonym of 'disiz la peste'

You can see some stills and shizzle on his site

(we'll get to geese later... just hold on a wee wee)

It's been a long time coming...

...but am back baby, wooooo mama!

Okay, okay, maybe not as long as... say.... another messiah (assuming that modern day culture has not already shunned him for being a lunatic or assuming you believe in the first one)

So I think I'll skip ahead with all this updating lark and show you some of the work I am perhaps most 'proud' of. Hopefully you'll enjoy, I know I did.. I'm not sure I still do

Be patient, I'm still a wee bairn

Some designs for a character to promote broccoli. Unfortunately I think he was a little to alienated from the broccoli... I'm not sure I care anymore though

Just recently I had some fun with it though...

...I got wood