Friday, 25 February 2011

Comic Strip #1

How very comical... get back to work!

This was our latest project - design the cover for a comic chokka-full of student creative-writing/artwork. I might try and shoehorn a comic in there if I'm feeling saucy.

Now the idea behind this comic began with a old man's pub scene and I couldn't get the idea from my head... so I rolled with it. I liked the idea of how horrible I often feel walking into any pub that is not within a two minute walk from my house. I immediately feel judged by all the 'regulars' regardless of whether they go there once a day or twice a year.

I will apologise if you find any racist undertones, I just went with a very old fashioned, working class, old white man's pub idea - so the discontent held toward the eastern fellow has my empathy (and also my jealousy... I wish I looked that cool) as does the chap behind the bar. So really I'm just being ageist... yes... much better...?

the original painting and finished piece

I feel sorry for this next fella. He was arm wrestling a robot but was cut out the picture for layout purposes. Who knows if he won...

God's speed arm wrestler, God's speed.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Wake me up before you logo...

...Coz I'm not planning on going solo

lovely logo project here for companies as follows;

a travelling puppet theatre

Secure Solutions: a computer data protection company

Sealy: Tool Manufacturer with lifetime guarantees

Riverside wildlife protection/conservation organization

Had fun doing this, especially with mark making

Illustration Friday: Sweater

I hope there are some dinosaurs left on an island somewhere

Now I'm aware a meteor(ite?) is probably responsible for most dinosaurs' very unexpected demise but the ice age that followed at some point after was sure to have killed some of them right? Well we can hope they lived through these tough times... I hope to find one whilst on holiday this summer

Thursday, 10 February 2011

It's That Friday Feeling! I've prepared a little something

Here is the backwards man. If you know the movie I'm referencing congratulations. If not, look it up, that's the wonder of the internets!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Let's give it a go

...and fall flat on our face

I have no idea what I think of these anymore. I've been working too long and too hard on these and now I think they're poppycock, absolute poppycock! I might even call them a codfish (no I won't go that far)

Actually they're not that bad

I just don't know!

Judge your books by their covers...

Go on... judge them

and there they are - I know it's been some time but I've had a week long brief over which I have been panicking as I decided to try something new (stupid mistake). I'll get back to you on how that one goes but maybe I'll post it up in a second.

Anyway - pleased with these book covers but do the illustrations take over just a wee bit? Perhaps, but I do love a good picture