Friday, 25 February 2011

How very comical... get back to work!

This was our latest project - design the cover for a comic chokka-full of student creative-writing/artwork. I might try and shoehorn a comic in there if I'm feeling saucy.

Now the idea behind this comic began with a old man's pub scene and I couldn't get the idea from my head... so I rolled with it. I liked the idea of how horrible I often feel walking into any pub that is not within a two minute walk from my house. I immediately feel judged by all the 'regulars' regardless of whether they go there once a day or twice a year.

I will apologise if you find any racist undertones, I just went with a very old fashioned, working class, old white man's pub idea - so the discontent held toward the eastern fellow has my empathy (and also my jealousy... I wish I looked that cool) as does the chap behind the bar. So really I'm just being ageist... yes... much better...?

the original painting and finished piece

I feel sorry for this next fella. He was arm wrestling a robot but was cut out the picture for layout purposes. Who knows if he won...

God's speed arm wrestler, God's speed.

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