Friday, 18 March 2011

The spice of life!


More stuff for the book project. This stuff is mostly for the character 'Stilgar'(what a silly name!). He's beardy and kick-ass so don't mess with him


The Full Moon!

Life drawing this week has been a blast and don't you deny it!

Lack Of Sleep + Computer Class =

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Muscle up!

Up to date and PUMPED!

Needed to get some life drawing done to up my anatomy skills for these Dune illustrations

Been looking a lot at muscles and their functioning in the body
My good friend Jen and I were in fact discussing arm muscles and all the hoo-ha concerned

Our life model absolutely loves this pose
he referred to it as beheading john the baptist (I think)

Sand, sand, everywhere

and lots of spice to drink

Latest brief: Illustrate a book you enjoyed reading
My choice: Dune by Frank Herbert

If you need to know the plot then here's a brief outline: Arrakis is a sandy planet with a spice called 'melange' on it. The spice can be used from anything from space travel to giving people hightened awareness. The Emperor (king of all the people in space - 'the Great Houses' i.e. royalty) decides the Harkonen family should get off Arrakis and the Artreides should have a go at getting spice for everybody. Harkonens do some nasty stuff, Paul Atreides joins the desert tribe called the 'Fremen' - shit goes down - end of book

And don't forget there was apparently a terrible film made in 1987 - It had Sting in it

need I say more?

On yer bike!

Catch up will ya!

Long overdue post about last week's bike project.

Think still life. Think bicycles. Think... kitchens?
According to one of the tutors kitchens are slowly becoming bike workshops. I have had no experience of this but won't deny the possibility that it could be true for some unfortunate (or incredibly fortunate - depending on your tastes). So this was two illustrations for an editorial on the aforementioned subject.

Tire-pump casserole anyone?

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Illustration Friday


Nothing says warning more than Godzilla.

If Godzilla told me not to I certainly wouldn't

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Illustration Friday


There IS a story behind this, I'm not just being ageist, honest.
One family holiday we encountered a tour a bus full of elderly Germans. They stayed at the same hotel as us and as a result the breakfast spread was very empty if we didn't make it down for brekky before them.

My brother and I nicknamed them 'the swarm'.