Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sand, sand, everywhere

and lots of spice to drink

Latest brief: Illustrate a book you enjoyed reading
My choice: Dune by Frank Herbert

If you need to know the plot then here's a brief outline: Arrakis is a sandy planet with a spice called 'melange' on it. The spice can be used from anything from space travel to giving people hightened awareness. The Emperor (king of all the people in space - 'the Great Houses' i.e. royalty) decides the Harkonen family should get off Arrakis and the Artreides should have a go at getting spice for everybody. Harkonens do some nasty stuff, Paul Atreides joins the desert tribe called the 'Fremen' - shit goes down - end of book

And don't forget there was apparently a terrible film made in 1987 - It had Sting in it

need I say more?

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