Friday, 2 April 2010

Being Mactastic's fantastic

admittedly I entered the realms of Mac-hood back in college, but to be perfectly honest I only used them when I had to, and felt about as comfortable as I assume Connery was in Zardoz.

When I came to university, this is when the brotherhood of Mac tried to convert me truly, and you know what (warning: upcoming profanities) I fucking loved it. I now understand when Graphicsy-types say "Macs are better" and then struggle to find an explanation as to why. They're just good for visual shizzle and the lizzle.
So, onto the journey through Macdome. Basically I had a mac lesson every week and assimilated as much information as I could whilst making ridiculous documents on Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign: learning and having fun.

Here's a selection of enjoyable pursuits I amused myself with, Jean-Luc Picard being my particular favourite.

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  1. these made me laugh so much spesh the goose lady :)