Thursday, 1 April 2010

Elegance of form

...and I ain't talkin' no mitigated pornography boi!

Now I'll keep this short and snappay* so I can progress ever so slightly more rapidly (one too many adverbs? pah!) to the end of what I've done so far (that also sounds odd...)

Next brief slapped colour in our face and, given my feedback, I probably should have slapped it back. I played it pretty safe and earned a fairly average (but respectable) mark... I think.

But more of that later, you're probably fretting feverishly over what the hell my next brief was considering you've followed the blog this far (I'm kidding, obviously... no-one's on the edge of their seat... are they?).

Anyway - Brief two introduced us to how beautiful letter forms are and the piece I've put up probably conveys my understanding of this the best: you see people often get Japanese or Chinese scribbled on t-shirts and fridge magnets or what not and they can genuinely mean absolute bull piss (like the actual words, absolute. bull. and piss.) and, not knowing foreign symbols (because at least you can attempt to speak portuguese) you'll happily buy the damn thing and love it.

almost undoubtably incorrect because I used the internet:

courtesy of Alta Vista Babel Fish - and perhaps Douglas Adams
Tres belle, non?
Anyway, point is, the only reason we don't consciously appreciate letterforms is that we read them instantly and take it for granted that they mean the sounds that they mean. We think of S as S, not "that weird squiggly one". So, long-point-made-short: letters are pretty pretty

Now their were 8 outcomes once again (this pattern continued...) but now no words were to be spelt, we simply had to portray a number of emotions/moods including Happy, Sad, Stillness (pictured below) and many many more... (well, eight).

My feedback was as follows: I was not adventurous enough with experimenting in colour; I could've tried weird and wonderful (or horrible) combinations that caressed (or melted) the eyes and made someones tummy go all yummy and fluttery inside (or contract violently to spew bile and quasi-digested food into the air).
They even gave reference to my ridiculous dress sense as what could've been a lead in this investigation (which is basically what every brief is, I now understand this - I did not then).

Well I should sign out for now.
*I realised a while back this was no longer a "short and snappay" post

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