Friday, 2 April 2010

How to draw anything

...but not everything

But hey now, let's not get pessimistic here; although this may have been a rather presumptuous title we still learnt a lot

There was to be no final outcome to this expedition (oh no sirree!), merely a journal of one's own ambition, readiness and urge to better one's drawing abilities. We were taught perspective and human form mainly... and mainly things are perspective and human form... trust me.

You'll see a form (something taking up physical space) from a particular perspective (the angle at which you're viewing the form from) and that's, rudimentarily, all there is to it. But to master this art is quite the time bandit, though this should be time you wouldn't want back (providing you want to draw) unlike the time I've spent uploading TIFFs instead of JPEGs.

I believe the internet term for this is *facepalm*

mmmm, plotting points on a grid is exciting when it goes 3D Mutha Fukkaaaaa

even peeps are in perspective boi!

there are never enough men with atomic symbols on there heads these days

eyelines and horizon lines are the bizzle... honest

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