Friday, 2 April 2010

Crip Crip Crop Little April Shower may not have been April at the time, but it probably was raining

Righto, well now that we knew how to draw everything it was time to crop it into pretty squares, oblongs (no-one says oblongs anymore, why not?) and find the best and most visually enticing compostitions.

But hold on a cotton-pickin' second! This weren't no open brief, no no no! It were with titles and themes and what not!

Eight outcomes (surprise surprise!) and four titles. I went about choosing fleeting sunlight, supermarket blues, phone booth and hidden from view. I've only shown you the pictoral outcomes of three, but rest assured I did all four and also churned out the more abstract outcomes as well (which weren't so exciting).

I especially liked this little dude, I'm ashamed to say I like it more than the final

et voila, le finale

Now apparently Macs steal your soul if you don't know what you're doing. I agree with this now but back then I thought they were talking poppycock. You really need to be a seasoned Mac-a-zoid before you start bludgeoning your ideas with vector based turds.

I hope you agree that, even though they're just sketches, the preliminary work is much more visually appealing than the final.

I had so much fun drawing faces like this I almost lost track of the project

And this was the project our tutors were most happy with. I understand now why, not just because it was analogue, but because of the elements analogue work achieves more naturalistically. It seems to me that setting a mood/an ambience is so much easier when it comes to pen-to-paper simply because it feels more innate to a human to pick up a stick and wipe colourful goop on a page than it does to slavishly batter buttons until the outcome looks acceptable. Basically I reckon it's in our genes and our blood.
Awful pun alert
(not the paint... then again it might get in your jeans)

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