Saturday, 7 April 2012

Work I have (should) be doing...

It's been almost a month!


Well I have been working away on various things so I'll just upload them shall I?...

First up I have Birthday Cards.

One is for my cousin Laura - aged 11 today and still as mad as a hatter. So I went with something appropriately mad but didn't have much time to refine the design what with the imminent birthday in question.

Here's one without the lines - (I like to do this sometimes just for abstract fun)

And the genuine article

Next up it was my Dad's 60th Birthday and so I needed something a little bit exciting. The card had two folds so the left image was the front page, and the whole image folded out flat like so.

coincidentally enough we watched Lethal Weapon a few days later (my first time!) and I didn't realise my speech bubble referenced Danny Glover... I felt so inadequate

And here we have some work-work (but work-work is still fun-fun in my eyes)

I'm currently working on portraiture for Quentin Tarantino originals including Kill Bill
So here is the lovely Lucy Lui as O-Ren Ishii - not sure if it's finished
might drop in some pure white to add some intensity

And finally animal images for my "Wild at Heart" book of animals matched with lonely hearts entries.

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