Thursday, 12 April 2012

I have no idea...


One of my pieces of work from 2011 - about an Occult Related Crimes Unit in South Africa - has been featured on a Chinese website's 'Daily Inspiration' - a website called

If you can bare to leave this bewildered ramble then you can find the original (as well as the other final) on my website

I can't read Chinese which will no doubt hinder my progress in the inevitable age of China that will soon displace America as the hippest, coolest place to be...

...but conversely to what I just said - I can say thank you in chinese, so I will; Xie xie!

I can also say "hello, how are you?" and then reply to myself - this makes for some interesting conversations with myself. This is all Mandarin Chinese so, knowing my luck, this website is probably all in Cantonese... although I have no idea if they are different when written down.

Hope everyone who celebrates and/or gets a holiday over the easter period had a good one. And to everybody else... err... this is kinda awkward.
Toodle poo!

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