Friday, 28 January 2011

You wouldn't understand...'s a cultural thing

Well we're onto operation "digital makeover" and so much scanning has been done. It's time to arrange things on screen to make a rather charming book cover (or three). So here are the stencils of my "Tribal Culture: A Very Short Introduction" book cover. I was inspired mainly by an episode of Bruce Parry's "Tribe" - 'Dangerous Game' was the episode (I think). The tribe featured were the Suri who had some pretty interesting traditions such as body scarring and drinking fresh blood. I was also intrigued to find that, just like in modern culture, young people (in this case, women) were rebelling against certain traditions (in this case, lip discs).

Non-fun Fact: The Suri (indigenous to Ethiopia) are at war with tribes over grazing land and recent civil war has brought guns to the tribes escalating the conflict further.

Sorry to be so blunt - just made me kinda sad
I think I may have to do some more but I'm pleased with how these ones came out.

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