Sunday, 1 August 2010

An old fling... a galaxy far far away

Well this idea was envisaged long ago when I was still on MySpace and my voice was walking the fine line between a school choirboy's and a chronic smoker's. I made an very rudimentary attempt at photoshopping it up and then, just last year, stayed up until about 1 or 2am perfecting a more sophisticated piece of design (which you see right here!).

So this is it, the game we've all been waiting for; Harrison Ford Monopoly! Play as the Millennium Falcon, Indiana Jones, Rick Deckard or that guy from 'Working Girl'. Buy up properties, make your millions but be careful not to get frozen in carbonite! Harrison Ford Monopoly is a game for the whole family (providing your family like Harrison Ford) and will have you screaming, wanting and clawing for more.

Ages 18+

Remember, you must choose wisely

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